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Pain killers

Most people may think of pain killers kills the pain or cures the pain.But actually a painkiller do not cure the pain,there are many signals sent from a part of body to the brain for example-If someone beats you a sensation of pain can be observed or if  you get an electric shock you get an sensation this is because of the signals sent from a part of body to brain.If the messages in the form of signal do not reach the brain you dont get any pain.The brain warns you that something dangerous is in contact with your body so you feel the sensation.Even when you shiver it is not done by yourself it is the message sent by brain to keep the brain warm,because if the brain gets cold then the person dies.And it is difficult to shiver yourself so it cannot be done yourself without the message of brain.Logomakr_1gtjVG

Now what actually happens is the painkiller travels through nerves or blood vessels and cut the signals or messages from reaching the brain so after consuming a pain killer your the pain is gone.So see the picture , a person has hand pain and the scissor mentioned here is painkiller.

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Ancient robots

In this age we see many robots performing various tasks like manufacturing and designing cars, and also working in the places where man cant go.But, Is there any robots in ancient times? Have you ever thought about it? or thought but you are not sure.

The answer is yes, there were robots in ancient times also who looked like animals and some as humans.


They were not lokking exactly like humans but a little bit different.they dont look like the image above.Some kings kept robots which lokked like tigers and lions and the task of them was to roar and move there heads.There were mechanical birds and even robots that could swim.They helped the king in any ways like if  they were kept outside the door the theifs would fear the lion robot as they roared and moved there head, So the kings did not feared of theifs. As some gaurd will sleep,but the robots worked everyday without electricity but by rotating the key  in its back.

Drawing (1).png

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Many  years ago people tried to build mechanical objects that looked like human beings or animals,these mechanical objects are called  “Automatons” .These automatons can only perform a single set of actions like walking, lifting the objects, running etc.They were manufactured in ancient times also.They cant change their actions but robots can.

The emperor Theophilos palace for example, had “lions made either of bronze or wood covered with gold, which struck in the ground with their tails and roared with open mouth and quivering tongue”.Today’s robots are made from artificial intelligence and can perform many tasks, they do not have fixed set of actions , they are controlled by human being’s and can chnge their actions but automatons cannot.halo_5_soldiers_weapons_automaton_104755_1920x1080.jpg

A robot with automaton gun


Karel-capek   KAREL CAPEK

The word robot comes from the czech word meaning slave.The word is the brainchild of the czech playwright, novelist and a journalist Karel Capek, who introduced it in his 1921 hit play,R.U.R.,or Rossums universal robots.It tells the story of a company that uses latest biology, chemistry and physiology to mass produce workers who lack nothing but a soul.The robots could do all the work that the humans could not and soon the company inundated with orders.

In the final act the robots revolt against their human creators.In the end two robots somehow acquire human traits of love and compassion and go off into the sun setto make the world anew

The audiences loved the play very much and soon after,Robots became the darlings of science fiction writers.The first digital and programable robot was invented by George Devol

More about robots

robot_arms_head_wall_peek_19534_1920x1080.jpgRobotics is the science that deals with the study of the robots.It is based on the design, type,construction,operation and applications of the robots.Robot is actually a czech word meaning slave.

Robotics is a fascinating new field of study and a rapidly growing one too, as robots are being used in different fields, including industry , research labs, and evven in homes. They are most useful in the places which are very dangerous for the man like diffusing a bomb, working in mines etc.

They are also cheaper and easier to use robots in all kinds of difficult jobs.They can  explore inside volcanoes and also travell around the surface of the mars.But they cannot do any tasks on their own.It does not has any feeling.It is the mans brain who has manufactured different types of robots to make his life easy.The man can controll it and give the commands.

World of robots


The word robot means any man made machine that can perform work or other actions normally performed by humans. It can be controlled either by remote or automatically.Most of the robots today are used to do repetitive actions or jobs considered too dangerous for humans.

Robots can be made to look like humans or animals the difference is that they dont have emotions or feelings.But industrial robots do not look like humans, but do all the work accurately than a human or animal .

robot_metropolis_Art HD

Fact : Metropolis was a movie that was directed by Fritz Lang . THe story revolves around a magnificent man made machine with a human form.The robot shown above the fact paragraph is metropolis.

Why do waterfalls appear white in colour ?

  • big_waterfalls_clouds-wallpaper-1024x768

    We know that water is colourless. But once it starts falling from a height, it appears white. The reason is because water has oxygen dissolved in it, and when it falls from a height, the dissolved oxygen evaporates in the form of a gas. Consequently, millions of small water bubbles are formed. These little droplets of water act like millions of tiny mirrors that reflect light at different angles, in different directions.This is known as scattering of light. When light is scattered, it becomes white in colour, because of a phenomenon known as diffuse reflection. Diffuse reflection can also be seen when light  strikes an irregular surface of a clear substance like glass, such as frosted window, or the surface of a frosted light bulb.

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How is a rainbow formed ?

      download                                                                          Rainbows appear magical,but there is a simple explanation for their sudden appearence and breathetaking beauty.                  A rainbow occurs when sunlight is reflected and refracted by the water droplets in the atmosphere. The lower the sun is in the sky, higher the arc of the rainbow will be.                                                                                   When white sunlight passes through rain drops, the rain drops act like tiny prisms. they bend the different colours in white light, so the light spreads out into a band of colours-red,orange,yellow,green,blue,indigo and violet-the colours of the rainbow.