More about robots

robot_arms_head_wall_peek_19534_1920x1080.jpgRobotics is the science that deals with the study of the robots.It is based on the design, type,construction,operation and applications of the robots.Robot is actually a czech word meaning slave.

Robotics is a fascinating new field of study and a rapidly growing one too, as robots are being used in different fields, including industry , research labs, and evven in homes. They are most useful in the places which are very dangerous for the man like diffusing a bomb, working in mines etc.

They are also cheaper and easier to use robots in all kinds of difficult jobs.They can  explore inside volcanoes and also travell around the surface of the mars.But they cannot do any tasks on their own.It does not has any feeling.It is the mans brain who has manufactured different types of robots to make his life easy.The man can controll it and give the commands.


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