Pain killers

Most people may think of pain killers kills the pain or cures the pain.But actually a painkiller do not cure the pain,there are many signals sent from a part of body to the brain for example-If someone beats you a sensation of pain can be observed or if  you get an electric shock you get an sensation this is because of the signals sent from a part of body to brain.If the messages in the form of signal do not reach the brain you dont get any pain.The brain warns you that something dangerous is in contact with your body so you feel the sensation.Even when you shiver it is not done by yourself it is the message sent by brain to keep the brain warm,because if the brain gets cold then the person dies.And it is difficult to shiver yourself so it cannot be done yourself without the message of brain.Logomakr_1gtjVG

Now what actually happens is the painkiller travels through nerves or blood vessels and cut the signals or messages from reaching the brain so after consuming a pain killer your the pain is gone.So see the picture , a person has hand pain and the scissor mentioned here is painkiller.


So taking painkillers has many side effects so healing the pain naturally is the betterway by taking indian Ayurvedic medicine or applying external painkillers like sprays and gel.These gel or sprays cools or heats the pain and it will be cured and has no side effects.

So it is better to take external sprays and gels or Indian Ayurvedic medicines and has no side effects.

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