Ancient robots

In this age we see many robots performing various tasks like manufacturing and designing cars, and also working in the places where man cant go.But, Is there any robots in ancient times? Have you ever thought about it? or thought but you are not sure.

The answer is yes, there were robots in ancient times also who looked like animals and some as humans.


They were not lokking exactly like humans but a little bit different.they dont look like the image above.Some kings kept robots which lokked like tigers and lions and the task of them was to roar and move there heads.There were mechanical birds and even robots that could swim.They helped the king in any ways like if  they were kept outside the door the theifs would fear the lion robot as they roared and moved there head, So the kings did not feared of theifs. As some gaurd will sleep,but the robots worked everyday without electricity but by rotating the key  in its back.

Drawing (1).png

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